2021 Atlanta Bonsai Society Auction

The auction is graciously hosted by Ahlers & Ogletree Auctions, courtesy of club member Robert Ahlers.  The auction will take place on August 21stth, 2020 at this address:

Ahlers & Ogletree Auction Gallery
700 Miami Circle
Atlanta, GA 30324

Schedule Overview:

9:30am – Volunteers Arrive
10:00am – noon – Seller Check In – Please Arrive as Early as Possible to Ensure Smooth Checkin!
1:00pm – 1:30pm – In Person Preview – Come Check out Which Items you Want to Buy!
1:30pm – 4:00pm – Live Auction – In Person Bids Only
4:00pm – 5:00pm – Item Pickup

Schedule Details:

Check In: On the day of the auction, check in for items will take place between 10:00am and 12:00 at Ahlers & Ogletree.  NO ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER 12:00!!!  Members are encouraged to bring their items at the loading dock as close to 10:00 as possible, and then return for the 1:00 – 1:30 pm in person preview.  This year we are implementing a new check in system using adhesive labels to be filled out by the seller.  This should make for a faster, easier, and more fun check in process.

Auction Timing: The auction will begin at 1:30 pm on August 21st.  Bids for each lot will be accepted in-person only.  The auction will last until the last lot is sold and or as time permits.  Our intention is for the auction to finish by 4:00 pm.  Items must be paid for and picked up from Ahlers & Ogletree no later than 5:00pm on August 21st.

Volunteers: If you are volunteering to help at the auction please arrive at 9:30am so we can coordinate and get everyone in place for the 10:00am start.

Eligibility: To be eligible to sell at the club auction a paid membership to the Atlanta Bonsai Society is required.  Non-members are always welcome to purchase during the auction. 

Commission: The annual auction is the primary fund raiser to keep our club financially viable. The auction commission for any sold item is 10% of the selling price which the club will automatically deduct from all sales. IMPORTANT TO NOTE, if an item goes to auction but fails to sell, the seller pays a flat $10.00 fee to the Atlanta Bonsai Society for each unsold item. Unsold fees will be deducted from money owed to the seller on other sold items or collected from the seller prior to the return of unsold items

Reserve Price: A reserve price is the minimum price a seller is willing to accept for their item being auctioned. Sellers are encouraged to establish a reserve price for each item (or group of items), and to set reasonable reserves so that items sell.  Starting bids will be at the discretion of the auctioneer and while informed by the reserve price, the auctioneer could start bidding above, below, or at the reserve price.  Items which do not reach an established reserve will remain unsold (i.e., NO adjustment of reserve and NO post auction sales), so set your reserve price to sell! If no reserve price has been established, the auctioneer will have the discretion regarding starting bid price and the item will be considered sold (assuming at least one bid) at whatever final bid is reached.

Minimum Lot Value: The minimum lot value for items to be auctioned is $100.  This means that a single item or group of items will have a starting bid of $100 and the minimum reserve price is also $100.

Donated Items: The club welcomes donated items that will be auctioned off with full value going to the club, with a $10.00 minimum value per donated lot. There is no need to set a reserve price and there is no minimum selling price for donated items. Unsold donated items will remain with the club to be sold at future club functions.

Number of items:  Each seller may submit a maximum of 20 lots. This maximum excludes donated items. For example, a seller could submit 25 items to the auction so long as at least 5 items are donated.

Payment from buyers: Payment for item purchased during the auction is due at the end of the auction.  Payment may be by Cash, Paypal or check.  Payment must be made prior to pick up.

Payment to sellers: Payment to sellers will be available at the end of the auction after all payments have been collected from buyers, or the club can Paypal the amount owed to sellers if you do not wish to wait. Payment minus commission will be by club check or Paypal. 

Item pick up: Pick up may take place after the auction is closed and payment is complete and must take place by 5:00 pm on the same day as the auction. Unsold items must also be collected no later then 5:00 pm on the same day as the auction or else they will be considered to have been donated to the club.

Important Note:  All items are purchased in “as-is” condition and the Atlanta Bonsai Club makes no warranty of representations as to the health, quality, condition, accuracy of information provided, fair value, … well you get the point.  We trust our sellers to provide quality items and accurate information, but in the end all responsibility rests with the buyer. We encourage potential bidders to reach out (virtually) to sellers directly with questions before placing bids in order to gather any additional information needed. All sales are final!